Saturday, February 8, 2014

Like a charm

Jumpsuit - Glassons
Jumper - Country Road
Watch - Nixon Time Teller
Sneakers - Converse
Sunglasses - ASOS

Settling into a whole new city sure does take a liiiiitle bit of getting used to...
Recently my days have been filled with lots of unpacking/organizing and exploring, as we've just made the big move to Auckland.

I've been focusing on comfort and chucking together outfits right before I head out the door, if I'm totally honest with ya.
This orange jumper set off my loose patterned jumpsuit like a charm, and you can't go wrong with popping on some trusty converse for casual everyday wear :)

On a side note; Who has some tips for making new environments feel more homely? I'd love you to let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. This is so cute, the converse are such a perfect touch!

  2. Eeep! So glad to see you pop up in my reader :) Congrats on making the big move! New environments man, they are scary as hell but also super exciting! Settling in, hmmm maybe throw yourself into decorating to make it feel cosy and also go out and socialize, do things in your new city! Go to Britomart Country Club for some drinks or the cute markets and events they hold in town. Thats always a good idea!

  3. I love your sunglasses and red really suits you!

    B xx

  4. You're back! ♥

    Comfy outfits are very essential for moving halfway across the country! As for making a place feel more homely, I definitely think putting up lots of decorations and little nik-naks that you use to have around helps a lot, and old photos are also a must. Hope you enjoy Auckland as much as I do :)


  5. In love with your style! :)

  6. Hello! I came across your account via instagram and I love finding other kiwis who blog! You have amazing style and I have read through most of your blog since finding it! Keep up the good work, I love this! Welcome to Auckland!

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