Saturday, May 25, 2013

What I Wore: Saturday Sushi Date

Wearing: Minkpink top / Glassons Skirt / Windsor Smith Chunk Sandals / Op-Shop cardi / Rimmel Violet Vamp Lipstick / Glassons Bag /

So my boyfriend may or may not have got a bit snap happy today, hence the photo heavy post :)
I'm so excited to finally have an outside outfit post up - YAY, no more garage photoshoots.

I've been practically living in my Patient boots of late, so I thought I better switch things up and wear some different shoes for once - crazy I know, living on the edge I am! Sooo I paired my Windsor Smith's with some socks and just rolled with the punches basically.. I also wore my op-shop cardi which is looking a bit worse for wear but I just can't bare to retire it.
I just clicked this outfit is very boho/Olsen esk, verging on the edge of homeless? HAHA oops. I just love to be comfortable don't hate.

I need your help - I was wondering if you have any recommendations for a good purpleberry/violet lippy for pale skintones like mwa? I love Rimmel Violet Vamp but it has rubbish staying power and I find it slides right off after about 10mins, I'm also not keen on the shimmer. So if you have any suggestions please leave them below!

Also, I'm thinking of incorporating some videos into my blog posts featuring beauty product reviews and I also want to do some of the funny boyfriend does my makeup tags I've seen floating around on YouTube.. Is that something you'd like to see, or shall I keep it strictly writing? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Winter Jacket

Wearing: Stussy Jasper Duffle Coat / Op-Shop Tiger Tee / Rupcurl Watch / Revlon Violet Vamp Lipstick / Luichiny Boots

I've been indulging in a bit too much retail therapy as of late - not that I'm complaining, but it's having rather negative effects on my bank account as you can imagine.
I found this Stussy Duffle Coat just in time for Winter, it's got a hood, pockets and I'm also a lover of a good black coat - so this ticks all the boxes.
It's getting darker so much earlier latley with the Winter weather setting in here in Wellington. This forces my outfit pictures to move inside which I'm not necessarily a fan of - I think I need to go on a hunt for some cool new photo spots, because there's only so much of the same spot one can handle.
Remember change is good.

I also want to say thanks to the lovely Kate, from Kates Wardrobe  for mentioning me in her 'Ones To Watch Post'. Her blog is great so go check it out and let her know I sent you ;)

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Current Girl Crush: Angelica Blick

Image source: here
Okay so I've been major fan girling over this lovely lady for awhile now.
I just love her effortless sense of style - she dresses her small frame so well and to be honest I look through her pictures just admiring her amazingly perfect hair. I've had major hair envy for oh so long and over the weekend I decided to go for it and cut myself an Angelica Blick inspired hair do.
Watch this space for my new haircut...

Also as you may or may not know my laptop currently with the insurance company getting the screen repaired, so apologies in advance because I don't know when it will be finished yet and blogging off my boyfriends laptop is difficult to say the least.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Black Patent Booties

Wearing: Thrifted cardi / Thrifted Tee / Levis Jeans / Delux Chic Bag / Luichiny booties

Working in retail requires a comfortable outfit for sure. I threw this outfit together this for work this weekend and actually really like it. I swear the spur of the moment outfits turn out much more successful than those ultra planned ones?? Maybe it's just me. Looking back at it now I do look a tad disco-ball esk with the sparkly tee and shiny boots, but it's fun none the less.

The cardi and tee are both thrifted so are one offs - I really like the 'character'(holes) that the cardi has from it's previous life. I also picked up these cool patent leather boots the other day which I surprised myself with - for so long I have detested patent leather shoes so I don't know what I was doing but I'm loving them so far. They give off the classic doc martien vibes while being more feminine and not so chunky monkey which I love. These babies will be a staple for this lovely winter weather which has apparently set on Wellington of late.

In other news I drank for the first time in awhile last-night, and to be honest it just reminded me of what I wasn't missing out on. I was left feeling not-so-flash the next day and hadn't gained anything from it, I don't know how I went so hard in first year of Uni. Kudos to me. I feel like a granny now ;)

I hope the weekend treated everyone nicely and you all remembered to remind your Mum's just how much you appreciate them this Mothers Day. What do you think of Patenet leather shoes?

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Patterned Pant

Wearing - Madlove jeans / Windsor Smith Chunk Sandal / Factorie Singlet Photos courtesy of Kendra from

Another comfortable, very casual work outfit of the day from the weekend. I've been wearing these sandals to death lately but I just can't help it, they just go so easily with everything I put on.
Today it was like the world was ending here in Wellington. There were torrential down pores, floods, an earthquake, thunder, lightening and wind - an all round ripper of the day :) I bet you're all jealous!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Camo Crop + Button Down Maxi

Wearing: Windsor Smith Chunk Sandal / Deulx Chic Handbag / Thrifted lace vest / Army Surplus crop

I come to you with another outfit of the day - and as you can see the wind was not on my side on this day. Luckily I was working inside so it didn't phase me :) Although it does make trying to take graceful photos quite difficult... I had to sift through many gumpy, weird faces and poses to try and find some half decent pictures today.
Once again I'm wearing my lurrrrvly Windsor Smith sandals that are a dream to wear - so comfortable. I paired them with this button down midi skirt (that's more of a maxi on me) holla shawwwtays, and this Army surplus top that I butchered up into a crop along with the lace vest, of which I also butchered too.

It's beginning to feel more wintery - but some days the weather here in New Zealand just can't make it's mind up.
My day has consisted of downing copious amounts of tea and coffee(delish hazelnut flavour) while sitting on my bed all rugged up, trying to complete a News Media Assignment for Uni.
Although I'm not complaining - I have spent a raaather large portion of the day catching up on my Fav YouTube gurus and lusting over way too many beauty and make-up products..

Just to update you all, I've submitted my assignment and also just got my Construction paper mark back which I got an A- for, yay!! Proof that a lot of hard work does pay off :)

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