Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Uni Fashion Collection + Illustrations

Mood/concept board:

Collection line-up:


This is the final hand in work for my Fashion Studio Paper I've just completed at Uni.
Our task was to design a collection with a minimum of 8 looks for Autumn/Winter 2013, and it had to build on previous work from the beginning of the semester. The collection was aimed at the mid-market. 

My collection Urban Tropics is an exploration of my two very different homes, Tauranga and Wellington.
Through the juxtaposition of elements extracted and inspired by each environment, a very unique collection was born. Wellington is very much a man-made, angular concrete jungle; this is expressed throughout the collection through the use of geometric pattern and print, along with angular sharp lines.  Tauranga on the other hand is more of a tropical environment, surrounded by nature and flowing organic lines. I have used the very vibrant colour palette and the occasional more soft, draped garment to represent Tauranga.

This collection is not designed for the faint hearted. It contains a lively mix of tropical colours, contrasted with strong angular lines and geometric patterns.
Urban Tropics has a very strong sense of confidence and a high-spirited atmosphere accompanies the bold garments.
­­This collection certainly packs a punch and will add a unique twist to any Winter Wardrobe.

To someone who simple looks at the designs it may look like an easy task, but if you've ever designed and worked digitally you'll understand it's definitely not as straight forward as it seems. Also there is obviously a huge body of work supporting these finals but though I'd just show you a snippet of what I've been doing.
Also the 'Samantha McLean' was not on the images for hand-in.

Soooo, let me know what you think in the comments below  :)