Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kneehighs and a Crop

Wearing: Glassons Crop / Glassons Merino / Calvin Klein Lippy / Luichiny Boots
I just threw this outfit together to head out to the hairdresser. I love comfortable skirt and top combos when I can't be bothered getting all dolled up but don't want to look like I got dressed with my eyes closed.

I've been up at my parents house for a few days so these pictures are courtesy of my lovely Mum. Look how beautiful the property is - it's a major change from my usual Urban/City backdrop and is so much more peaceful and quiet than my apartment surroundings.

Next, can we all just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous my little dog is.
Even though he's so small, he's not actually a puppy anymore... don't be fooled. He is 3years old so is fully grown and is a Yorkshire Terrier if anyone would like to know :)

Being home is lovely, there's nothing like sleeping in my old bed. Also, the numerous Wine lunches with Mum and Tea + baking dates with my grandparents are a warm welcomed bonus, but I do miss my man.

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See ya soon!


  1. Pretty pictures! And love the croptop!

  2. Hi Samantha,
    Nice blog- I've just discovered it!.
    Love the outfit, the lipstick and your cute dog!
    I'm following on bloglovin, would be great if checked out my blog too.
    Becca x

  3. You look so lovely! Really interesting combination, perfect! <3 x