Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Black Patent Booties

Wearing: Thrifted cardi / Thrifted Tee / Levis Jeans / Delux Chic Bag / Luichiny booties

Working in retail requires a comfortable outfit for sure. I threw this outfit together this for work this weekend and actually really like it. I swear the spur of the moment outfits turn out much more successful than those ultra planned ones?? Maybe it's just me. Looking back at it now I do look a tad disco-ball esk with the sparkly tee and shiny boots, but it's fun none the less.

The cardi and tee are both thrifted so are one offs - I really like the 'character'(holes) that the cardi has from it's previous life. I also picked up these cool patent leather boots the other day which I surprised myself with - for so long I have detested patent leather shoes so I don't know what I was doing but I'm loving them so far. They give off the classic doc martien vibes while being more feminine and not so chunky monkey which I love. These babies will be a staple for this lovely winter weather which has apparently set on Wellington of late.

In other news I drank for the first time in awhile last-night, and to be honest it just reminded me of what I wasn't missing out on. I was left feeling not-so-flash the next day and hadn't gained anything from it, I don't know how I went so hard in first year of Uni. Kudos to me. I feel like a granny now ;)

I hope the weekend treated everyone nicely and you all remembered to remind your Mum's just how much you appreciate them this Mothers Day. What do you think of Patenet leather shoes?


  1. Lovely outfit! the cardigan is so good. I'm 19 and I am starting to feel like not drinking, i used to do it a lot and yeah it was fun but now i just dont like the feeling of it at all! weird eh.

  2. You're so beautiful! Your hair rocks!

  3. there so cute!! xx

  4. Hey sweetie thanks a lot for your nice comment! I really LOVE your outfits so I've fanned you on lookbook :)


  5. I love this outfit!! The way your hair is styled looks amazing as well!!
    I too have this exact same feeling whenever I drink!!

  6. Love your outfit! Your hair is so cute. xo Isabella

  7. Love your outfit! We really like your blog, congrats! Following you via bloglovin and facebok :)

  8. Love the sweater! Really pretty

  9. I love almost all black outfits, winter fashion is definitely more me xx