Saturday, April 6, 2013

Weekly Highs + Lows #1

1. Currently sitting in my bedroom at my parents house, listening to the chirp of birds, the sing of cicadas and actually feeling the sun on my back(see above). Cupboards stocked with food and last but not least; Fresh fish, fruit and veges. A lovely change from Windy Wellington - insert car alarms and club music at all hours here.

2. Verrry exciting job opportunities (hopefully).

3. Arriving home to my parents and my puppy still remembering me. I was scared he would forget, even though I'm his fav.

4. Lists, and loads of them.

5. Getting my hurr did. I used to be so anal about my hair getting cut and would only let the hairdressers take off the tiniest bit. Not I'm addicted to the chop, it just feels so much better - More chic I think. 

6. All of the hustle and bustle of Wellington Fashion week right on my doorstep, unfortunately I couldn't attend because of my long lists of work, but fun to observe none the less.

7. Being spoiled with lunch dates, fresh fish and scallops - theres something about Uni student that screams 'I need Food'. I'm being showered in it. Save me.

8. Finally making a Facebook page for my blog - but it's lonely and needs likes so click here to have a stalk.

9. Dragging my family up at 4am this morning to go for a hike in the dark and watch the sun rise with me. More on that tomorrow :)

All i'll say is that it's been a long day.

1. The huge ichy-bite thing that appeared on my cheek the other night, currently sporting a huge red mountain and I am not a happy camper. I must add it makes me want to scratch my cheek off. Think I jinxed myself in my last post - Oh the joys of over sensitive skin.

2. Loads of Uni work that won't do itself. Rats.

3. Being up since 3 this morning - was going to make a spontaneous McDonalds pancake trip with the boyf, but we decided on scrambled eggs instead. Dining fine or fining dine? Finally feeling the burrrrrn. I need my beauty sleep.

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