Saturday, March 23, 2013

Double Trouble

Creeper booties - Bronx via Wildpair / Black knit jumper / Vintage flower button down dress - thrifted

While moving house I re-discovered some pieces of clothing I completly forgot I had. The bootie style creepers that I'm wearing here were a favourite of mine last year, and I recently dug them out from the bottom of my shoe collection and thank god I did. They're just so comfy to wear and also add a sneaky bit of height which never hurts when you're under 5' like me. Being black suede they go with everything and are a great go-to item in my closet.
The floral button down dress that you can just see peaking out the bottom was from an op-shop, which means I scored it for a bargain and I'm definitely not complaining!
I'd just like to add that I'm SO excited for winter to finally arrive here in New Zealand - I lurrrrve layering and being nice and cosy warm.

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What's your favourite go-to item in your wardrobe/closet?


  1. Such a cute look! I am always trying to use all of my clothes but somehow I always end up in the same dresses! I never would have thought that you were under 5 feet haha :)

  2. Thank you so much sweety for your comment!! I really like your blog and your style, so of course I am a bloglovin follower of yours!!! want to follow me back? it would be so cool!!!

  3. Love the dress. My got to item is my jeans. I'm a comfort person more than a glamour one.

  4. This dress looks adorable. Cool outfit!

  5. hellooooooooooooo!you are beautiful and this post is fantastic!!visit my blog and follow me!kisses ;)

  6. Your dress is so pretty! Love how you've styled it too :)

    Danielle xx
    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

  7. This outfit is gorgeous I love your floral dress and how you styled it! Serious hair envy :) Just found your blog and love it now following! xo


  8. This outfit is gorgeous! You lok amzing!

  9. Love your easy, grungy style! And you have an amazing smile! Keep smiling! :) I am following you with Bloglovin! Would you like to follow me back?