Sunday, March 31, 2013

Chocolate Overload

Top - Supre / Printed Jeans - Oneteaspoon / Shoes - Good ol' Converse / Watch - Ripcurl

I hope you all had a lovely day and indulged in a little (or a lot) of yummy chocolate treats.
I know I certainly did, I was spoilt by my Easter Bunny and have now made a pledge that after all of my chocolate is gone I'll steer clear of the sugary goodness for awhile.

Here are my oneteaspoon iggy's that I scored for just under $100 in a sale in a surf store here in Wellington, I got these and another paid of Madlove printed pants for $185 all up - so I basically got two for the price of one. Converse are also my go-to comfy shoes, they never fail me, and my oversized black top is a nice, loose fit which I like.
I spent the day chilling out with my boyfriend, eating chocolate, watching movies, walking and we also went out for a lurrrvely dinner.

I am now on a 2week 'study break' from Uni, so will have loads of time for blogging, yay!
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Miss Procrastinator

T-Shirt - AS colour / Studded Jacket - Op-Shop(Thrifted) / Boots - Warehouse / Lipstick - Loreal Paris 716 Violet Vamp

I come to you from my bedroom, where I am meant to be completing a News Media assignment (due in two days) along with Fashion, Garment and P.R assignments - but instead I'm editing and writing a blog post.
Hi I'm Sam and I'm the biggest procrastinator of living history.
I'm also chugging my way through a Redbull which is so out of character for me. I never drink energy drinks, but in a hope to re-energise myself I'm downing it - hand in time really messes with my head I tell ya!
Anyway onto the outfit - I'm trying to photograph my outfits most days, so if they aren't always amazing I apologise, but I'm just being real and documenting what I wear on a daily basis. I'd also like to add that I'm a poor Uni student so if I have some items on repeat, that's the reason why... I'm sure my fellow Uni students can relate :)

The 'T-Shirt dress' as I like to call it is actually just one of my boyfriends T-Shirts that I nicked out of the wardrobe while rushing to get ready this morning. Luckily I'm a shortie so can easily get away with his T-Shirts as dresses and no-one even knows ;) He got it from AS colour, which I think may be only a New Zealand store, but I've linked it about so you can check it out.
I found this denim jacket at an Op-Shop(thrift shop) sometime last year for around $10, and then I put the studs in the collar one day when I was feeling crafty. I have no idea why I did just a small section of studding? But I'm just rolling with it I think it looks fine.
Also lastly the boots - they're just a cheapo pair that I picked up to wear until I find my dream winter boot - and I've got my eye on a few!

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Double Trouble

Creeper booties - Bronx via Wildpair / Black knit jumper / Vintage flower button down dress - thrifted

While moving house I re-discovered some pieces of clothing I completly forgot I had. The bootie style creepers that I'm wearing here were a favourite of mine last year, and I recently dug them out from the bottom of my shoe collection and thank god I did. They're just so comfy to wear and also add a sneaky bit of height which never hurts when you're under 5' like me. Being black suede they go with everything and are a great go-to item in my closet.
The floral button down dress that you can just see peaking out the bottom was from an op-shop, which means I scored it for a bargain and I'm definitely not complaining!
I'd just like to add that I'm SO excited for winter to finally arrive here in New Zealand - I lurrrrve layering and being nice and cosy warm.

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What's your favourite go-to item in your wardrobe/closet?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Madlove & Converse

Watch - Ripcurl / Sneakers - Converse / Printed pant - MadLove / Tshirt - Warehouse / Sunnies - LeSpecs Halfmoon Magic

I've been home all day trying to get some of the masses of Uni work out of the way, I did get some Fashion illustrations done that I'm quite happy with...  Although this involved a truck load of tea consumption and lead me to realise that I think I've become the queen of procrastination. Success.

I threw this outfit on the other day while I was getting speed ready for Uni. I think that with the printed pants I don't really have to add much else to this outfit and I'm good to go. I love a good casual outfit every once in awhile.

I do have quite a few outfit pictures backed up on my computer so that means no excuses for long breaks without updating. Allllso I've recorded a video and have a few more in mind that I might put up on youtube then link to here. What do you think?

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Monday, March 18, 2013

All Black Errthang'

Dark Blue Docs / Silver Chunky Chain Necklace / Black Oversized Cape Top / Simple High Waisted Skirt / Assorted Rings / Nails - William Tell Me About OPI by OPI

Even though I felt a bit nun-ish while wearing this all black errthang' outfit I still love it and think the black on silver contrast is quite subtle but still stylish. I've been really getting into wearing a lot of black lately, and I know some may think that's boring as hell but otherwise I find it hard to feel 'put together.'

You may notice by looking through my previous posts that I love a good deep red/plum nail. I've acquired quite the collection of my ideal deep reds/plums and was going to do a post on my favourites if you would find it helpful? You may or may not notice I've chopped my hair - I really want to go shorter but I'm a wimp, I love the under the shoulder long bob look and keep an eye out because I may just get the courage to go for it!

Also; I'm sorry about the crap quality of my photos - I've just moved into a new apartment so finding a good spot and good lighting to take photos in is proving difficult with the amount of junk my boyfriend and I have stuffed into our small room.

Have a lurrrrvley day xx

P.s this shirt wasn't this see through in 'real life', it's just a hard fabric to photograph. Promise!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Stars + Stripes

Le Specs Halfmoon Magic,  Pandora Bracelet, ELE Flatforms

Flatforms are the bomb for 'fun size' people like me - they add some height while not killing your feet, which is actually relatively hard to do so it's a bonus these puppies are kinda comfy.
This is my type of easy, throw on Uni outfit - it's not the most glam but that doesn't worry me, some days I'm all about comfort.
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Sunday, March 3, 2013

One Teaspoon + Madlove

Madlove Roarr Skinny Jeans - Size XS / One Teaspoon Taipan Iggys - Size 6

Let me begin by saying that trying to save just isn't my cup of tea.
I picked up these printed pants/jeans the other day on sale, meaning I basically got two for the price of one, so I thought why not.
I don't have a lot of loud prints in my wardrobe, and even though monochrome is what Winter is all going to be about - I still couldn't resist.
I really like the fact that the One Teaspoon's are Camo colours, without being the predictable Camouflage print, making them just a bit different. They're also in a cropped length, which is perfect for a shorty like me (being 4'11/152 cm) that they fit me like a charm, no need for taking these babies up!