Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mad For Plaid

Plain white T - Valley Girl / Plaid vest - Thrifted / Bag - Wildpair / Watch - Ripcurl / Bracelet - Pandora / Rings - Gifts

It's still so hot and I feel guilty even thinking this but I just can't wait for Winter. I love all of the layers and textures of Winter clothing and can't wait to be all snuggled up cosy and warm with a delish Chai Latte (my new obsession) while the rain is pouring down outside.
Although that definitly doesn't aid in motivating me to leave the apartment for Uni.
I've been buying heaps lately when really I should be saving, but I just can't help myself - will be featuring the new items in upcoming outfit posts. At the moment Winter boots are my weakness and I've found SO many pairs that would look great sitting in my wardrobe!

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Summer Lovin

Summer Lovin

Source - My polyvore which you can view here.

Okay so after my last post I think I was feeling a bit more summery, after going away on holiday I got inspired by the hot hot weather that's upon me and got back into the Summer mode - I though I'd better make the most of it before it's gone and I'm wishing for it back. Although that doesn't stop me thinking about my winter essentials.. Which I may do a post about soon.
What's your summer go to clothes?