Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Far, Far Away

 So simple, so carefree.
This makes me miss Summer!
I'm all bundled up in bed with my hot chocy while I'm watching the rain fall outside, feels like a lifetime away until Summer returns.. This is just the beginning.


I think Watercolour looks so effortless and simple, while still giving off an arty, unique feel. I much prefer this type of  illustrations as appose felt tip, it's is also so much quicker to work with and can make for a real quirky outcome. 
The bold colours really make the first Illustration stand out, this picture along with loads of other illustrations can be found here
Secondly the kick ass shoes can be found here.
If only I had a pair for myself!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I've recently been looking at movement and how garments can look so beautiful and whimsical on the body - I love how in all of these pictures the garments look so airy and flowy in contrast to the strong look of the model, almost like they've come to life.
Simply by choosing the perfect fabric a garment can transform from a piece of clothing to a piece of Art. 
The last image is my attempt at Fashion Illustration, I was trying to show the movement and flow of the fabric as the model walks...