Friday, June 8, 2012

1 Shitty photobooth selfie..Check.

As I type this I'm sitting snuggled up in a blanket with my puppy, a cup of tea and a raging fire close by... Ahhh bliss! There really is no place like home.
Being back at Mum and Dads place is such a change to being at home at my flat. Mum and Dads house = green grass, trees, a warm fire, nice food and complete silence in the morning. Home = sirens, a freezing flat, sick ass food and getting woken up suddenly at 7 in the morning - horns and sirens aren't the best of wake up calls let me tell you.
So I've been relaxing and catching up on all the sleep I missed during hand-in week at Uni, yesterday I slept Until 2 in the afternoon and felt soooo guilty!
I've also been getting back into working out lately and have been loving the Insanity workouts - they really do kick your ass! I reeeeally need to burn that fresher 5! Haha but not kidding, its not pretty. But now I'm feening for some new workout gear, and being a poor student is not helping the situation. 
The only bad thing about all this working out is that I feel like a granny, legit it almost kills me to try and get up, and move around.  

I definitely want to try to blog much more regularly since I'm on break from Uni now, so expect regular updates from me, I'm gonna do some reviews of my "Holy Grail" beauty products in the next posts to come..

Chow for now xxx