Thursday, April 5, 2012


Two thing's I've been obsessed with lately; The Olsen twins and hair. I freaking love their relaxed, carefree style, they can pull any look off and look gorgeous without even trying. And I've got this crazy urge to chop off all my hair, I know everyone's been getting the chop lately and it's making me want to follow suit. I'm just so sick of having my long, ugly mop of hair and think it would be so refreshing to chop it all off, although everytime I get it short I have a break down wishing it'd all appear back onto my head, and promise myself I'll never do it again!  

On a side note, HAND INS ARE DONE (: Yesterday I presented my last assignment which was Fashion and let out a ginormous sigh of relief! I've been doing all-nighters and if not all-nighters then 3am nights all week, so to be all done and dusted feels great. Now all that's left is to go home, see my family, relax and have good food and good wine (: I'm so excited to leave now, the fact that almost all my friends who live here have already gone is also contributing!

Being at home also means loads of spare time, which means loads of blog posts, lookbook posts and time to take pictures (: Yeehaaa!


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