Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creeper Cray

K so at the beginning when I first saw Creepers come on trend I thought they were the most hideous things ever.. But now they're growing on me so much that I really want a pair for myself!! They'd be the bomb for adding extra height since I'm not even 5 feet tall, and I like how you can style them how ever you want. You could make a really grungy look or really girly look and still keep the creepers. I think they'd look real cool with the items I put in the collage above and speaking of that collage,  also REALLY want to get my hands on some striped tights. Tights, creepers and an over-sized top would be the easiest go-to outfit. 

Since I'm on Uni holidays for the next week-ish I might get my sew on and make myself a pair of striped tights, if I do I'll be sure to post the outcome on here!

Other than that I'm really enjoying the break from Uni, been doing lots of Family thangs and am catching up with all my year from school for a BBQ and drinks this afternoon so that'll be lovely.